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Here is an Hohner Amatona IV melodeon in B/C tuning. It is made in Switzerland, which are far superior to the German made ones. It is a 4 voice instrument with musette tuning and a low reed. The condition can be seen in the many photos.

All the original reeds are present in very good condition, as are the valves. There are no broken or replacement reeds. Each reed has the T stamp, which are the best Hohner reeds you can get in my opinion. The tuning is very good, for every single note. Rare to find!

The compression is very good, some superficial wear to the bellows, very slight, but has to be mentioned. The insides are very clean. The shoulder straps are worn, and while still functioning, ideally need replacing. All other straps are original and good. There is a single small hole in the back of the keyboard, where a thumbstrap was fixed.

It comes with a padded “gig bag” style case, which has a shoulder strap.

In all, an excellent sounding melodeon, with a fast action.