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Here is a Ranco italian made piano accordion, dating from the 1930’s. It has the number 159 pencilled inside.

It is 4 voice musette tuned, with 5 voice 120 bass.
This came from the son of a professional accordion repairer, a valued customer, now sadly departed. His passion was accordions, particularly Rancos. This one was his favourite (i had bought 2 other Rancos from him).

It has replacement bellows (probably Hohner), and a few replacement reeds. The tuning is good. All the reed valves are good. It has 2 couplers on the end of the fingerboard. The couplers on the grille have been removed, hence the 2 oval holes. This was often done as they get in the way when playing.

This is a ‘work’ instrument, and is by no means in perfect condition, it has been played a lot. Saying that, it still plays very well, with the classic Ranco sound. Ranco were considered to be one of, if not the best, accordion makers in Italy.

It has its original, battered case, which has a piece missing from the lid.