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Here is a Lachenal 40 button anglo concertina in Bb + F.

Note that this concertina is fresh to the market, it being with its previous owner the last 60 years.

The serial number is 162600, which i believe makes it from the 1920’s. All the notes are sounding, there is some minor valve flutter to some of the very low notes. It has unusual handles which are metal, the bellows papers have a L stamped in a circle, and it has the legend SA  where the label would usually be. I have not seen these traits on a Lachenal before. Obviously the SA points to it being especially made for the Salvation Army. It also has a fitting on the left side for a music holder.

It has 6 fold bellows and is in concert pitch with steel reeds. The compression isn’t bad, neither is the tuning, and it can be played as is. But it would benefit with new pads/valves, and a fine tune.

It has an interesting ink stamp on one of the reed pans which states, ’16 feb 1924 – TUNED AND REPAIRED BY ENVOY WORTHINGTON – CONCERTINA MAKER AND REPAIR – 113 HILL TOP (LOW MOOR?) – BRADFORD YORKSHIRE’.