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Sold on behalf of a customer.
Here is a Wheatstone miniature english concertina, it is all original, complete with its case. It is in concert pitch and in good tuning, although there is some slight valve ‘flutter’ on the F#. The valves and tuning could be improved.
The 8 fold bellows are airtight, no holes, tears, scuffs, or wear. 
The serial # = 31762. Which dates it – 20th November 1927.  
The overall condition is very good. There is a white mark on one end of the bellows, possibly the remnants of a sticker, and there is one screw missing from an endplate, NOT an endplate bolt. 
Measurements = end width across the flats – 70mm. Whole length (closed) – 100mm. Weight without case = 252g.