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ROLAND SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble, expansion card.

Tested and fully working.
Complete with box, fitting tools and CD ROM manual (never opened!).
It will be sent via Royal Mail special delivery, which is included in the price (UK only).
Please make sure this is compatible with your equipment.

Compatible hosts according to Roland (number of cards the unit can host in brackets)

Fantom workstation (2)

Fantom-S series (4)

Fantom-X series (4)

Fantom-XR rack unit (6)

Juno-G (1)

Juno-Stage (2)

RD-700, RD-700SX, and RD-700GX (2)

V-Combo (2)

G-70 (1)

E-80 (2)

Roland MC-909 (1)

SonicCell module (2)

XV-88 (2)

XV-5050, XV-3080, and XV-2020 modules (2)

XV-5080 (4)

V-Studio 700 (1)

The SRX-10 Big Brass Ensemble provides a superb collection of brass sounds suited for pop music, film scoring, classical, and more. Each of the SRX-10’s Patches captures the true articulations and feel of traditional brass instruments and ensembles — including realistic “falls” — allowing composers to arrange brass parts with startling realism.

High-quality wave expansion board with instant access to realistic brass sounds

Patches include a variety of individual instruments and brass sections

Waveforms capture true articulations and feel, such as falls, etc.

Great for numerous musical styles and applications, including pop music, rock, film scoring, and classical arrangements