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VINTAGE 60’s PREMIER DRUM KIT, with CASES. 20″ – 16″ – 12″.




Here is a vintage Premier drum kit from the early 60’s.

20″ x 14″ bass drum, 16″ x 18″ floor tom, 12″ x 8″ tom.

It appears to be all original and complete apart from the missing wrap to both the bass drum hoops.

It has 2 straight cymbal stands, 1 boom cymbal stand, a hi hat stand, and the tom mount arm.

The condition is good for its age, some pitting/rust spots to the hardware.

There is no snare or bass pedal, 1 head is missing from the bottom of the floor tom.

It comes with Le Blond hard cases, which are in very good condition.


Please note this is collection only.